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At Ecohydro Solutions, we have high quality desalination products from leading manufacturers in the U.S.A. Our desalination products have been used world-wide with the commitment to product design and quality. We have system sizes from 500 liters/day to 3200 M^3/day or more and can be configured to meet requirements. With proprietary pumps in some of our desalination systems can produce tons of fresh water at much less energy up to 50% compared with conventional systems. Our flag ship desalination systems usually use only 2.2-2.6KwHr/M^3 to desalinate water. Most of our marine & land-based products can be configured to run directly from DC power source like: 12, 24, or 48 VDC that is well suited to solar & wind generator systems. Let us know your fresh water needs, we will find perfect solutions to fit your needs and budget.

We have new product lines for Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Relief and Green Energy. You can check out our new products below. Please send inquiry to sales@ecohydrosolutions.com

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  Power Boat   Medium/Large Hotel Resort   Large Community   Mobile Solar Generator
  Beach Front Villa   Local Municipal Plant   Off-grid Systems   Mobile Solar Watermaker
  Small Resorts   Large Industrial Plant   Military Applications      
  RV & Mobile   Agriculture   Medical Field Hospital      
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