Welcome to EcoHydro Solutions where you can find perfect desalination system for your fresh water needs. We proudly represent Spectra Watermakers in South East Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Burma, and Vietnam). We have full lines of desalination systems to suit your special needs for fresh water both Land-based & Marine applications.

Spectra Watermakers has wide-range desalination systems from small self-contained unit like Spectra Aquifer system (1,500 litres/day) to big land-based system like CABO system (32,500 litres/day)


Leading Eco-Frendly technologies

As the green alternative & renewable energy approach, Spectra systems use extremely low power consumption High Pressure/Energy Recovery devices: Clark Pump & Pearson Pump that use a third or less of energy compared with conventional desalination systems. Especially Spectra Pearson Pump technology, the pump can recapture energy from desalination process up to 80%. That could bring energy requirement down to 9-13 Watts/Gallon (2.6KWH/ 1000Litres). This energy consumption is close to big municipal scale desalination plant at present time. With the systems from Spectra Watermakers, we always get more fresh water for less. Using less energy means less carbon emission to Ecological systems and less energy operating cost per unit to our customers. EcoHydro Solutions proudly serve best products for the best of both worlds.

Spectra Watermakers systems can be easily integrated with solar panel and power module for remote area where grid-tied power is not accessible. With extremly low energy requirement in various system sizes especially in low voltage systems: 12VDC, 24VDC, and 48VDC. The systems can run directly from battery banks That means no lost in conversion process if we have to use with power inverter. You will get more for less from Spectra Watermakers Systems.

Our desalination systems are well suited to these applications: Disaster Relief, Emergency Preparedness, Medical field hospitals, Military applications, Civil Defense, Resident & Rural Water Treatment Solutions, Well water purification, Resort & Hotel water supply, Surface water treatment, Village-level water supply, Agriculture. Our desalination systems can produce fresh water daily from 1,500 - 32,500 litres/day. These desalination units can be run with sea water, brackish, river, and lake. That depends on certain type of system. Let us know your applications. EcoHydro Solutions will help you find the right system for your fresh water needs.

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