Spectra Aquifer Power Pack With Folding Solar Panel

Efficient. Rugged. Essential.

The New Aquifer Powerpack is configured for Military, Disaster Relief and Expeditionary use. The Powerpack model has a solar panel and a battery to power the Reverse Osmosis system, eliminating the need to provide a power source.

Spectra Watermakers has developed the simplest, quietest, most energy effi-cient, man-portable sea-water RO system imagin-able. Spectra's rugged Re-verse Osmosis watermak-ers are engineered for the most austere conditions in the most remote areas where pure drinking water and mobility are vital. The Powerpack system makes up to 200 gallons of purified fresh drinking water every day, in almost any climate, from nearly any water source!

The system is encased in a military grade, shock resistant, non-corrosive case. This system is so efficient that it can be powered by 12V DC. The power source may be the included solar panel and bat-tery or any 120V AC or 240AC power source from the grid or a small generator. You could even power the unit from a vehicle battery!

Dependable un-der the most ex-treme conditions, the Spectra High-Pressure "Clark Pump" will oper-ate flawlessly throughout a wide range of temperatures and water conditions, without any adjustments or loss of product water output. It is corrosion resistant, whisper quiet, and extremely reliable. All this, while producing up to 8.5 Gal-lons of pure drinking water per hour on an incredible 9 Amps! Or just a little more than 100W!

Specifications Power Pack-150 Power Pack-200
Solar Panel
Monocrystaline 135 Watts
Battery Size
Produce Fresh Water
6.25 GPH (23 LPH)
8.3 GPH (31.5 LPH)
Treat Water
Seawater or Brackish
Cold Water Source below 50 Degrees F (10C)
Power Consumption
Approx. 108W
Approx. 108 W
Feed water recovery
Salt rejection
Feed flow
1.5 GPM (5.65 LPM)
Feed Pump
Shurflo Industrial feed pump
Membranes 2.5"x21" Seawater RO
Clark pump
constructed of engineering plastics and composites
1ea. 5 micron
Case Color Army green, Black, Custom colors require volume orders
System Weight & Dimensions 32" L x 21"W x 15.5" H
Weight 135 Lbs
812mm x 533mm x 394mm
Weight 62 Kg
System Operation Voltage

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