With a new process developed in 1997 and improved continually since then - The Spectra Clark Pump features a unique two stage pumping and pressurizing system. The first stage is a simple diaphragm or vane feed pump which supplies raw water flow and pressure for prefiltration, circulation, and the driving energy for the second stage, the Clark Pump.

The Clark Pump is a unique pressure intensifier that uses two opposing cylinders and pistons that share a single rod. Water pressure from the small feed pump is used by one of the cylinders to make the other pressurize and circulate the saltwater through the reverse osmosis membrane. Pressurization is achieved when the rod, as it is forced into a cylinder, displaces water in the closed loop circuit. The pressure instantly rises to the point where the displaced volume of water is forced out of the membrane as the fresh product. When a driving cylinder's piston touches the base, the process is instantly reversed.

Pressurization is almost continuous. There is no energy wasting "back stroke" like in other systems and no need for gears or crank shafts that need oil and servicing. All moving parts are made of non-corrosive materials.

The Spectra Watermachines unique pressurizing process was developed by marine engineers and mariners in response to the high cost and inefficiencies of existing systems. The complete system was created in collaboration with the marine technicians at Spectra, Inc., with extensive materials research, careful combining of existing technologies, arduous bench testing, and real world testing on offshore vessels.

Clark Pump Competitive Advantages:

  • Exceptional energy efficiency
  • Quiet continuous operation
  • Fully automatic operation with the MPC 3000
  • Full range of sizes to meet your vessels needs
  • Ideal for solar and/or wind powered systems
  • Easy to install modular designs
  • Product water flow unaffected by sea water temperature
  • 12V, 24V or AC powered units available
  • No gears or crank shafts that need oil and service



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